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Are you a university novice? Welcome to the first semester and to the SLUB!

Please do register in order to take advantage of all the services available with the SLUBcard. We have a special programme for those studying in their first semester in Dresden. You can get to know the SLUB together with other novices in small groups at our “Starting your studies with the SLUB” events. Or, if you prefer, just register for the lecture with the same title at the SLUB’s lecture hall.

Studying where you feel comfortableto top

Reading rooms, group rooms, wireless and sunbathing areas – we offer ideal environments for studying and working, every day. But studying is not everything: you can hang out at the SLUB-Lounge in your breaks too.

We offer you service, media and informationto top

The SLUB helps you find things in catalogues and databases, so you don’t loose your orientation despite in the information flood. There is more than our collection of text books. With the SLUBcard, you will have unlimited access to our library‘s services. Our SLUB-App will give you the necessary orientation. The Freshmen Tour in our virtual model of the library buildings gives you an overview of the most important local library services.

We appreciate dialogueto top

Via the slublog, on Twitter, personally at the information desks, via or at the Knowledge Bar - just approach us, we are here for you. Your feedback will help us to further improve our services.

Register with us!to top

After registering online, you will receive your SLUBcard at one of our circulation desks. Please write down your login details. Information on introductions for new students at the TU Dresden can be found at the Course Guidance Centre.