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Copying Manuscripts, Maps, or Old Prints

Certain rare or fragile items, such as manuscripts, musical scores, and rare prints (including original German editions, bound graphic collections, items from the SLUB collections of children’s literature, the stenographic collection, etc.) may only be copied by the Dresden Digitization Center (DDZ) or the Deutsche Fotothek.

  • <media 26425>Form for ordering reproductions </media>(PDF, in German)

In the case of handwritten materials, a second form is necessary:

  • <media 17787 _blank - "TEXT, Reproantrag deutsch Sammlungen 2008-10-22, Reproantrag_deutsch_Sammlungen_2008-10-22.pdf, 79 KB">Form for ordering and using reproductions of handwritten media</media> (PDF, in German)

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