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Copying, Scanning and Printing

If you want to make paper or electronic copies of documents, ACRIBIT Copy Shop offers a variety of copiers, book scanners and reader printers at our library locations. Support is given at the ACRIBIT-Service point in the Central Library (Level -1).

Black and white copy machines are available on all levels of the Central Library and in all branch libraries. Additionally, in the Central Library, two color copiers are available.

The book scanners (Bookeyes) enable high quality scans. The copied documents can be saved on USB-stick or sent by e-mail.

Self service printing stations in the Central Library and in the Departmental Library DrePunct allow the printing of documents. Alternatively staff members of ACRIBIT Copy Shop will print documents for you.

Copy Cardto top

A majority of the copy machines in the library do not accept coins. Please buy your own copy card in the ACRIBIT Copy Shop in level -1 of the Central Library (with a deposit of 5 Euro per card).

Rechargers are located in the entrance hall of the Central Library and in the branch libraries (except Medicine).