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Legal Notice

The following information include the compulsory statements concerning provider identification as required by law, as well as important legal indications concerning the internet presence of the Saxon State and University Library Dresden (SLUB).


Sächsische Landesbibliothek -
Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Dresden
Postal address: 01054 Dresden
Address for visitors: Zellescher Weg 18
01069 Dresden

Represented by: Prof. Dr. Thomas Bürger
Tel.: +49 351 4677-123
Email: Generaldirektion@slub-dresden.de

Sales tax identification number: DE 190021717

Bank Account

Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden
Account nr.31 55 82 5005
Bank code850 503 00
IBANDE 09 8505 0300 3155 825005


The SLUB is a public-law institution. It is the state library of the Free State of Saxony and simultaneously the academic library of the Dresden University of Technology. The institution is legally represented by the managing-director, Prof. Dr. Thomas Bürger. Functional and administrative supervision are carried out by the minister of state for science and art.

Editorial Team

Ramona Ahlers-Bergner, Jens Bemme
Email: Oeffentlichkeitsarbeit@slub-dresden.de

Technical Implementation

Sebastian Meyer
Email: Sebastian.Meyer@slub-dresden.de

Thomas Jung
Email: Thomas.Jung@slub-dresden.de

Legal Information Concerning Liability

In spite of our careful efforts, there is no limit or warranty regarding validity, integrity and topicality of our websites. Further, we assume no liability for contents of external links. Responsible for the content of linked pages are their maintainers only. The SLUB reserves the right to change, complete, or delete the website or parts of it, as well as to temporarily or ultimately cease the publication without further notice.

Legal Information Concerning Copyright

The site's layout, its graphics, as well as all other contents are protected by copyright.

Privacy Policy

In the context of its participation in the Deutsche Bibliotheksstatistik (DBS), the SLUB Dresden utilizes a specific technology to determine the number of visitors on its webpage. When visiting the homepage and/or the catalogue page, labels for the library and the respective webpage are stored, as well as access time and signature of the computer involved.
The signature is generated by means of a one-way function consisting of  IP address, browser name and proxy information. The inquiry, storage, and evaluation of these data is conducted in a pseudonymized way, meaning that the siganture can not be assigned to a specific person. There is no storage taking place, especially not of the IP address. After 24 hours at the latest, the pseudonymized data are added up. Thus, they are only existent in an anonymized form.

In order to adequately design and refine our website, stored data are analyzed statistically. They are utilized to this effect only and are deleted afterwards.

There is the opportunity to disagree with the inquiry, storage, and analysis of your data for the above-mentioned purpose. In order to do so, please follow this external link.